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The CND 2015 Fall Contradictions and Holiday 2015 Aurora collections are now available in studio in both Shellac and Vinylux weekly polish as well as the luscious Additives.  Play with vibrant colour, embellish your nails with ornate accents, and emerge with one-of-a-kind completely wearable art.  CND Vinylux Weekly Polish is available in over 80 matching CND Shellac colours.  I hope to see you in the studio soon!  

Laura, September 2015

Nail Trends

Choose Minx nail designs for your nails or toes.  Perhaps an accented  ring finger is more your taste?  Check out the nails in the Gallery for inspiration! 

Nail shapes have evolved from the squared-off edge.  On trend and flattering to hands everywhere are the soft almond or more rounded square.   Dare to be edgy with the pointed almond.  You have options, and I can deliver! 

The demand for Shellac will continue to increase as many clients enjoy 2 to 3 weeks’ wear with no chips, smudges or dents.   Your nails will be perfectly dry at the end of your appointment. 

ajax nail salon

Nails that leave a lasting impression...

Laura has been in the business of nails since 2003, always learning about nail techniques and new products.  She is presently with CND as an Education Ambassador.  She specializes in gel nails and gel polish with an emphasis on nail styles for the conservative to the most daring client!

Her business focuses on all aspects of nail care and enhancement services for clients as well as providing education and mentoring to new or experienced nail technicians. Occasionally Laura will enter the competition arena, as she did for the 2010 Contessa awards where she was a finalist in the Nail Art Technician category. She also regularly appears in trade magazines and has contributed editorial work.  Laura continues to embrace new technology, trends and services, and feels the future is looking very bright for the nail care industry.           

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Coloured gel marble nails

Gel with coloured pigments enhanced by nail art

Minxlusion Silver Holographic

Gel nails with Ed Hardy tattoos

Gel nails with pigments, glitter, mylar and hand-drawn nail art

Gelish soak-off gel polish manicure for natural nails

Pretty Gel Pink & White nails

Gel nails with black pigment embedded with mylar diamonds

Gel nails and pedicure with Ed Hardy tattoos and gems

Gel nails with blue pigment and Ed Hardy tattoos

Gel nails with pigments, glitters and hand-painted nail art

Gel nails with Ed Hardy tattoos and gems

Gel nails overlay with glitter and Konad stamping.

Gel with blue glitter fade

Minx Polka Dots natural nail manicure

Minx Silver Lightning Chrome natural nail manicure